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Marshall fire dept. adds cooler onto truck

Fire Department

A western Kentucky fire department has installed a refrigerator on one of its trucks with the goal of keeping firefighters hydrated.  Palma-Briensburg Fire Department Assistant Chief Todd Devine says the cooler will hold water so firefighters can battle flames while keeping cool. Devine says the department plans to install more refrigerators on other trucks in the near future. Devine says the heat of summer, when temperatures can reach 100 degrees, and the weight of 35 to 40 pounds of equipment take a toll on the bodies of firefighters. The Palma-Briensburg Fire Department covers about 50 square miles in central Marshall County. (Stock Photos; Updated: 11:15 am, Tuesday)

Marshall County suffers loss from fire

One local couple was left with only the clothes they were wearing after their home burned down on Phelps Road in Marshall County, right outside of Benton. They are now turning to the community for support. Eighteen firefighters and two fire departments worked to put the early morning house fire out on Labor Day. The Gamble family said they lost everything, but they are blessed to still have each other. Rick and Wanda Gamble spent years in their home and now their belongings are among the ash and rubble. Fortunately, their three dogs made it out alive. Clothing, food, water and any other household items would be appreciated. Women's clothing: Shirts - size XXL, pant size - 18/20, shoes - size 9. Men's clothing: Shirts - size XXL, pant size - 38/40 (34" in length), shoes - size 12. You can donate to the Gamble family by dropping off donations at 1003 Elm Street in Benton. (Updated: 11:11 am, Tuesday)

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